A tag - Ten things in my bedroom.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hola! Today I've decided to do a tag to get the ball rolling, I hope my creativity starts to flow soon! The tag is called 'Ten things in my bedroom' - Pretty self explanitary (and time consuming, so i found out). Here it is, ten things i like most in my bedroom. Maybe this tag is a pretty good idea after all, it might help you to get to know me a bit better and find out what i do in my spare time! Here goes...

 Número uno is my F.R.I.E.N.D.S box set. Sad? Maybe, but I've definitely got my money's worth out of it. I got it in 2010 when it was about £40 off Amazon, it seemed like a lot of money to a 'I have no job so there goes all my birthday money' 15 year old me, but i can't count the amount of times I've put a disc in when i'm feeling under the weather. 
Smelly cat, smellyyy cat...

♥ Second up, is candles. I LOVE candles. There's nothing better than relaxing (and eating as much chocolate as i can manage) in my room with my fairy lights on and a few candles on the go. These are just two of the many candles i own and definitely two of the best smelling ones. They are made by the brand Yankee Candles, and although they did set me back a good £16 each they are definitely worth it... The jars are also gorgeous, so i end up washing them out and using them for cotton balls or for holding my make-up brushes. - Yankee would be so proud. Definitely recommend!  

♥ Third, comes my guitar. I got given it as a gift at the beginning of last year when i impulsively decided that i wanted to learn to play an instrument, however it soon became apparent that i possess absolutely no musical talents what so ever and i may or may not have given up. I do love to play around with it and try and teach myself to play a little bit though. Maybe all hope is not lost...

♥ Next, comes my crystals. I'm very much into crystal healing and the powers of crystals (oo-er, i'm not a witch, promise) and i have a very vast collection ranging from small polished ones, raw cut and pendants. I'm really in to spirituality, horoscopes, all that jazz. Think Phoebe from friends, crank it down a notch and you have me. *Jazz hands*

Item(s) number 5, all 7 Harry Potter books. Yep, i'm one of those people that would be first in line to see the new Potter movie, one of the people that can quote the movies word for word and has read the books twice over. Any regrets? ...Nope. I grew up with those characters! And the studio tour? Oh wow. ...Moving on.

♥ Número seis, is my Buddha's. The collection isn't quite as excessive as my crystals, (God forbid) but if the shops keep tempting me with new ones, i might just have to move my sister out of her room and expand into it. (Okay, slight exaggeration there, i'm not a hoarder, i have 11 of them). I got my first one in Cornwall from a Chinese market when i was on holiday there, and from then on my collection has been steadily expanding. Maybe it's time to stop. I'm extremely interested in religion though, so ask me the meaning of one of my Buddha statues and i'll be able to tell you no problem. Karma points?

♥ Moving onto number 7, and my journal. As i mentioned in my first post, i do have a proper journal that i write in. Pen and paper, what is this sorcery? I'm not sure it's much in competition to Anne Frank's diary, but i have been pouring my thoughts and feelings into it for a good half a year, and who wouldn't want to study the whining's of a teenage girl in crisis in English class? Okay, me neither. It is a great release though, lets hope i can still close it by the end of the year...

♥ Number 8 and a drum roll please, perfume. What girl doesn't like to smell good? I'm no exception, and although i don't buy perfume very often (my bank balance couldn't handle it), i do have a small collection that i'm very happy with. These are just my - air quotes - designer perfumes that i own... i am partial to the odd Avon eau de toilette, though. I'm only human. 

YSL, Parisienne. £40

Ghost, Deep Night. £25

Nina Ricci, Ricci Ricci. Box set of perfume and lotion £42

Dolce & Gabbana, Rose The One. £34.

 Here we are at number nine, almost there. Oh Converse, what would i do without you? I got my black high tops in March 2010 if my memory serves me correctly, and boy oh boy have i got my use out of them. Now don't get me wrong, i wear other shoes, but how much more versatile can you get than the trusty chucks? Definitely my most worn items of clothing, and they are my go to shoes when i'm feeling lazy. Who says laziness can't be stylish?

♥ Last but most certainly not least, number 10. This post would not be complete if i didn't give these next items a mention, my laptop, iPad and iPhone. Now, i realise that having all three makes me seem like a bit of a spoiled brat, but i assure you that isn't the case. Ish. My Mum, very kindly, bought me the iPhone in February 2011... Okay, a little spoilt. My dad got two free iPad's through work in January and offloaded one onto me, do you like how i make it sound like a burden? And my laptop was bought for me earlier this year after my previous computer popped it's clogs. I'm not helping the 'spoiled' image am i? ...On a serious note though, i am very grateful for all three of those things, and i was sure to thank my parents so frequently that i started to sound like a broken record. Plus, ever since i got my phone, it seems to have mysteriously glued itself to my hand...

So there you have it, 10 (ish) things in my bedroom. Hopefully this post has been somewhat insightful into my life and that you didn't stop reading it halfway through. Although if you did, you probably wouldn't be reading this part anyway, so what i should really be saying is, thank you for sticking with me and i hope you enjoyed it! Now that i'm wrapping up my second post, i feel very compelled to stick with this blogging thing - I've been reeled in. Who needs a social life anyway? ...Eep. 
I will definitely post again very soon, with a hopefully interesting topic. We'll see. Have a very good day, and keep checking back! 

Here's the song i'm listening to at the moment, enjoy!

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  1. hiiii, i'm laura.
    i'm a new blogger so i thought i'd say hello.
    i have tons of candles too and a few crystals, its so cool that you are into crystal healing, i'd love to know more about it.
    i hope you add a follow button too so i can follow your blog.
    i suffer from anxiety also, i'm super anxious at the moment, so you're helping me in a way by ketting me type this and distract myself, so thank you.
    anyway, i hope to hear from you soon.
    please pop by and let me know if you'll be adding a follow button (layout-add a gadget.. its the follower one)
    speak soon,
    laura xx

    1. Hey, Thanks for the comment! I'm glad i managed to keep you distracted for a bit :) I think i might do a post on crystals soon, so look out for that. I'll add a follow button right now, thank you for the suggestion lovely.
      If you're eve having a down day with your anxiety definitely send me a message, i know how much it can suck! Have a lovely day xx


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