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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Max Factor Max Colour Effects, Topshop Metallic Nails, 17 Lasting Fix

Today i thought i'd do a bit of a beauty related post, (Look at me getting all fancy!) I absolutely love nail polish, and it's very, very rare to see me with bare nails. I definitely prefer matte colours, but this week i decided to switch it up a bit and add some glitter! I tried all three of the polishes above, and because my opinion is so valued, (not!) i decided to share my thoughts...

Max Factor Max Colour Effects in 'Graffiti' - I got given this nail polish by my best friend in a little 'beauty basket' she made up for me. I have to say, i'm quite impressed with this little polish, although some might be put off by how small the bottle is, i quite like it as the polish won't go gloopy before the bottle's finished. When applied, the colour is a lovely deep Aquamarine with a glittery finish. It took two coats and a top coat for a nice coverage, but that's my routine with most nail polishes so it wasn't really an issue to me. One issue i did have though, is that the brush is a bit small, which made application a little difficult, but i still managed to get an even finish. The polish lasted about 2 days without chipping which i wasn't too happy with. Overall i'd give this nail polish a 6/10.

Topshop Metallic Nails in 'Eyes of Steel' - I am a great lover of Topshop nail polishes, and this one is no exception. However, and this is a warning, do not wear this polish without a base coat! This isn't so much of a problem for me as i always apply a base coat first, but my little sister put it on without, and there was a glittery shimmer all over her fingers when she took it off. - Eek! The colour is lovely, it looks very silvery in the bottle, but when applied it looks a lot more lilac-y. Still very pretty though! As with all Topshop nail polishes all i needed was a couple of coats, a top coat, and i was good to go for a week without chipping! Thumbs up, and a 9/10. 

17 Lasting Fix in 'Glisten' - As disappointed as the beauty guru's would be in me, (oops) 17 are one of my favorite brands for nail polish. Although they don't last a really long time without chipping, the colours are so lovely, and they're very smooth too apply. 'Glisten' is one of the newer colours, (hence the 'just in' sticker!) and i'm loving it! It's a lovely metallic orange colour with gold flecks, a perfect summer-time nail varnish. The brush is a nice size for application, although it would be better if it were a little wider. Once again, two coats will do it. I'd give this nail polish a 9.5/10. 

There you go! Three honest, albeit amateur, metallic nail polish reviews! I will definitely be using all three again, but i think i'll stick to darker polishes mostly as they suit my skin tone better! Thank you if you read all the way through, i hope you didn't fall asleep. :-) New post coming soon!

As always, here's the song i'm listening to right now. Enjoy! 

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  1. The Topshop one is my fave :) I have not tried a metallic Topshop one yet so might have to give it a go x

    1. Yeah, Topshop polishes are great! :) The metallic ones are lovely, i have bronze and gold one too and they're just as nice x

  2. all 3 of those are absolutely gorgeous! x


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