Seven Goals...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspired by Louise, aka Sprinkle of Glitter, I've decided to set myself 7 goals/tasks. I'm a bit of a procrastinator by nature and I tend to think "I'll start tomorrow" a little too much, so maybe by writing my to-do's down, they might actually get done! 

Fitness - I think it's safe to say that I'd much rather be sat on the sofa with a cup of tea watching telly than be doing exercise, but my first goal is to go for a walk each day. There's a wooded area and lots of fields behind my house, so it's about time I made use of them!

Wardrobe - Like Louise, my wardrobe is a mess. I like to have all my clothes categorised and colour coded so I can find things easily (is that a tad OCD?), but my wardrobe seems to have merged into one big heap recently! - That needs sorting.

Interests - I had a meeting with a lovely lady named Helen today who is helping me get a course sorted for college next year. I wasn't able to join college with my friends two years ago because of my anxiety/depression, so I'm really excited! In the meantime though I'm hoping to start going to art lessons at my local youth centre. So goal number three is to get some extra curricular things going to prepare for that long awaited College course.

Christmas - Yes, I said the C word! Although it's only September I'm already starting to feel Christmassy - Is that weird? Maybe it's the cold weather! I like to get things sorted early so I can enjoy December without too much stress, so my next goal is to write a gift list and set a budget for everyone's presents.

Tea - I've been drinking far too much coffee lately which my doctor said is irritating my stomach, so out come the green and fruit teas to be a bit kinder to my tummy. Not that I'm complaining too much, I love that stuff!

Hair - My hair is in need of some TLC, and by that I mean a colour, cut and blow-dry. I want to go a bit darker for the winter months, and my hair is definitely crying out for a trim! Note to self: Book hair appointment asap.

Photography - I need to start building up a portfolio for my college course, so that means lots of picture taking and editing! I carry my camera everywhere with me, so my goal is to be on the constant look out for any photo opportunities and not to be shy about taking pictures in public.

So those are my 7 Goals for the next few weeks, hopefully I manage all of them and don't end up procrastinating again! ...I'll let you know how it goes. Is there anything you want to do or achieve? 
Hope you're having a lovely day, 


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  1. great post!

  2. gosh these goals are so similar to mine, good luck! <3

  3. fitness seams to be a never ending goal/task for me haha


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