Quick Post! - My Wet Hair Routine

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hola! I just got out of the shower, so I thought it might be a nice idea to do a quick post on what i do with my hair when it's wet. - Exceptionally interesting, I know! I don't really buy any expensive or fancy products for my hair at the moment as I haven't found anything worth the money, but if you have any recommendations I'd really appreciate it! 

What I Do...

When I first get out of the shower I put my hair up in a towel turban while I get dried. I then take it down and towel dry my hair.

Once I've got most of the water out, I spray my hair all over with the Aussie Leave-In conditioner. I really like this spray, it smells really nice (like fruit) and I find that it leaves my hair quite shiny. It's not a bad price either!

I then brush through my hair using this paddle brush from The Body Shop. (It was £8).

Once I've brushed it through I run some of this Herbal Essences finishing cream through the ends of my hair. This helps to tame it a bit and break up the curls for a more natural look.

Finally, I plait/braid my hair and let it dry naturally. (I take the plait out before it's completely dry so it's more wavy/beach style instead of looking crimped.)

There you have it, that's what i do with my hair after a shower. - Quick and easy! For reference, my hair is naturally curly, which is why i let it dry naturally. It's like a mane otherwise! If you have any suggestions for me don't hesitate to let me know. Hope you've had a lovely day!


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  1. I quite frankly like the simplicity of this :) Follow back? http://allthesimplethings563.blogspot.co.uk/
    Vicki x

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  3. Great idea, I think braiding my hair after showering would give me the same effect. Nice post! I'm following you now, please check out my blog and follow me too if you like it :)


  4. this is brilliant :) i really love this routine, thanks for sharing <3

  5. i have been looking for a good leave in conditioner for ages, i will have to try this!! you have lovely hair! Xx

    1. It's really good, i recommend it! Thank you :) xx

  6. Great post! I love Aussie products!

    Just followed your blog! Please visit mine, I Just started, and follow if you like too!



  7. Hi Leanne! I love reading your blog and your shopping finds! :) The leave-in conditioner looks like a must try. I use Aussie's 3 minute treatment conditioner thing, which I like so I will definitely try the one you are using.


    1. Thank you, that's so lovely of you! Yes definitely give it a try :) xx

  8. looks beautiful! great post :D

    Jenny / Rocknrollerr.com

  9. great post! i wear a towel turban, too :-) I want to find that Aussi conditioner.. never saw it, I hope I can get it!

    1. They do it online if you can't find it in store :)

  10. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my post :)
    I love the Aussie leave-in conditioner! Smells gorge.
    Really like your blog lovely & i'm now following :)
    Katie x



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