You Time...

Friday, September 07, 2012

It's been a sunny day yet again today (Am I really in England?!) so I decided to go for a walk in the woods and fields by my house. I like going for walks by myself to have some time with my thoughts, and where I walk is so lovely and peaceful - A nice release from the noise at home. My Mum and sister joined me to start with, but they soon turned back, so I walked on to the river with my journal and did some work in it while listening to some music. My idea of time well spent. 
What do you like to when you're alone? Where's your 'me time' space? 
Here's the song I'm listening to at the moment. Have a lovely evening! 

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  1. You take beautiful pictures :) would love to see more! x

  2. i love the last photo!!! :) seems like you are in Hunger Games. :)


    1. Thank you! That's my little sister, I thought it looked like she was being abducted by aliens haha :) x x


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