October Favourites

Monday, November 05, 2012

I can't believe October has already come and gone, this year really has gone so quickly! I'm really excited about November, the lead up to Christmas is my favourite time of year and I'm already getting excited about the Holiday season. -Is it too soon? Here's the things I really enjoyed in October...

Benefit Sugarbomb
I tucked this blush to the back of a drawer a few months ago and recently rediscovered it. I get quite pale in the colder months so it's been an essential in my makeup routine this month!
YSL Parisienne
Although this perfume is almost a summery scent, I've been wearing it a lot this month, it's really nice and sweet so it's not too heavy for everyday use.
Glade Spiced Apple Scented Candle
This is one of my favourite candles ever for the Autumn/Winter. I went though about 7 of them last year, and I won't be surprised if I do the same this year!
Revlon lipstick in 'Black Cherry'
This is my staple lipstick at the moment! I love berry coloured lipsticks and this one is the perfect shade for my skin tone right now.
Berry Coloured Nail polishes
I'm not sure where I got this nail polish (I think it was a Christmas gift last year), but any berry toned polishes were top of my list in October - and probably will be this month too. They're so pretty!
Boots Botanics Shine Infusion Serum
This serum was a savior for my split ends last month, my hair has been really dry and lack luster lately, and the serum really gives it a bit of a shine boost and makes it feel lovely and silky.
Mint Carmex
I'm not a big fan of anything that smells/tastes like cherry, so the original Carmex isn't my cup of tea. The mint one however is amazing, I have it in my bag all the time and it's a life saver when my lips are chapped!

Have a lovely day and a great Bonfire Night!
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  1. OOOH those are some very interesting products. I love monthly fav posts. Loving your blog hon, would be great if you checked out mine too. Following you right away!

  2. the lipstick looks gorgeous, i love darker lips for the winter time:)



  3. Lovely favourites, I'm loving that polish !

  4. I always hear so much about Benefit blushes. Shame they are so pricey! That lipstick is gorgeous x

    1. That's what i thought, it's definitely been worth the money though! xx

  5. Great favourites!! Love them all!! :)
    Maybe follow??



  6. I love that blusher, and Carmex is a must for this chilly weather! X


  7. Great list! I'd love to try that Revlon lipstick!


  8. nice blog.
    can we follow each other?

  9. Found your blog somehow and love. Now following :) Haha

  10. Thank you for your comment! You really got a lovely blog. Maybe you want to follow each other and stay in contact via email? Just text me to obsessionblog@yahoo.com if you like :)
    xo Lisa

  11. I have the Benefit blush in Coralista but I've been wanting to check out Benefit Sugarbomb for a while, I also want to try a berry coloured lipstick! I'm jealous of all your products haha. I totally agree with you about the mint flavoured Carmex though, it's a lifesaver! Great post :) xx

  12. Those limited edition Glade scented candles must smell sooooooooooo good!

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