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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Diamond Dust | Gold Save The Queen
I went into Boots the other day to get some Black nail polish and  I saw that there was a 3 for 2 offer on the Rimmel counter. Of course I took advantage of it, (how could I not?) and bought 2 of the limited edition polishes that recently came out, (I thought about getting a Kate Moss lipstick, but I couldn't decide on a colour!) 'Precious Stones - Diamond Dust' and 'Metal Rush - Gold Save The Queen'.

Precious Stones 'Diamond Dust' - This nail polish is a very muted grey with loads of holographic glitter in it - A really nice polish for the colder days! I needed two coats for an opaque look and it applied really nicely and lasted about 3-4 days without chipping. When it dried - which was very quickly, I'm talking seconds! - the first thing that struck me is that the colour is almost identical to OPI's 'Baby It's Coal Outside'. Just with added glitter! So if you're looking for a glittery alternative to that I definitely recommend picking it up. It's lovely!

Metal Rush 'Gold Save The Queen' - This colour is the epitome of an Autumn nail polish; the colour is hard to explain as it changes so much in the light, but it's a lovely mixture of Bronze, Gold and Orange which is perfect for this season. Again, it applied really nicely and lasted a good few days with a topcoat. I really like this nail polish and I'll be on the look out for any others in the Metal Rush range!

What nail polishes are you enjoying for Autumn? Hope you're having a lovely weekend!
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  1. They are both such nice colours! I never really like spending money on nail varnish for some reason. Planning a 3 for 2 spending spree tomorrow now! x

    1. I love nail polishes, I can never get enough! x

  2. Such pretty colours! I have been seeing quite a lot of "Metal Rush" nail polish reviews and they all look stunning. Great review! x

  3. I love these metallic polishes, they're a perfect pairing for fall.

    I would love if you could stop by my blog and check out my latest outfit!

  4. I love the look of gold queen, holographic nail polishes are the one x


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