Lee Stafford 'I hate my hair the day it's washed' Solution Spray - Review

Monday, December 10, 2012

Lee Stafford 'I hate my hair the day it's washed' Solution spray (£6.19 in Boots)

A couple of weeks back, I did this post on the Lee Stafford 'For hair that never grows past a certain length' Hair Growth Treatment, and mentioned how much I was enjoying using it. When I bought that treatment, I also picked up the Lee Stafford 'I hate my hair the day it's washed' Solution Spray. I've been using this spray every time I wash my hair (you spray it onto wet hair straight after washing and conditioning) for about a month now, and I'm loving it just as much. 

My hair is what you could only describe as a lions mane in it's natural state, so i'm always on the hunt for products that will help to tame it down a bit. From about year nine, I've been somebody that straightens their hair every day, which is obviously very damaging, so for the past few months I've been trying to bring my hair back from the dead by not using so much heat on it. 

The aim of this product is to 'Kill fluff, frizz & flyaway hair', and true to it's word, that's exactly what it does. There's been a noticeable difference in my hair since using this product, it's definitely more manageable and requires a lot less straightening when it dries. That being said though, bear in mind that my hair is extremely unruly, so if yours is naturally quite straight, don't spray too much! 

Overall I'm really impressed with this product, It's tamed my mane a  bit, made it softer, and noticeably shinier. (Plus it smells really nice too!).  As a bonus, I personally don't like to feel lots of product in my hair, so this spray is perfect as you cant tell it's there; other than getting occasional wafts of the nice smell. I definitely haven't noticed any greasiness or had to wash my hair any more than usual. - So an all round great product!

Have you tried any Lee Stafford Products? Do you want to?
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  1. I love Lee Stafford hair products. They smell amazing and are good prices for the quality you receive. I have the shine serum and the heat protector spray and would recommend them.



    1. I have those two products too, they're great! xx

  2. This sounds great! My hair is always more dry when I shampoo.

    <3 Melissa

  3. this sounds lovely! my hair is a bit of a mess if i don't give it a straighten so i'll definitely add this to my wishlist :) xx

  4. Sounds like a great product :)


  5. i've never heard of this brand, but am def going to check it out! thanks for sharing!

    1. Lee Stafford products are lovely. You're welcome!

  6. I think i'll have to try this out, my hair is a lions mane too! X

  7. I hate my hair when it's washed and all fluffy! This sounds like a great product- can't believe I haven't heard of it before
    Daniella x



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