Instagram Roundup No.2

Monday, May 06, 2013

Good afternoon! I hope you're having a lovely bank holiday weekend so far. Now that May has officially arrived, two points have dawned on me... the first being that I'm going on holiday with my family in three weeks time and I'm no where near organised, and the second; the fact that I'm turning 18 in a month. Does officially becoming an adult mean that I have to act like one too? Because I'm not sure I'm ready for that just yet. 
I've had quite a nice week this week with one thing and another, the sunny weather definitely has an effect on me and makes me feel a lot more productive - As you might have noticed from my last post.
 I also jumped on the iPhone 5 bandwagon a couple of weeks ago, so I'm finally back on Instagram. You can find me under the username @leanneblogs, so make sure you give me a follow! (So shameless)...

 1. New H&M bag,  2. Split ends,  3. On my way to do some shopping with Mum,  4. Blogging!
5. Opening the window in the car (eek),  6. Town with my Nanna,  7. What am I making?,  8. Keeping me company...

Hopefully the nice weather will carry on this week, writing posts while sunbathing is definitely a lot nicer than being cooped up indoors! I hope you enjoy the rest of the long weekend. What did you do this week?
 photo kQVbY_zpsc54663dc.jpg

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  1. Your cat is so adorable !

  2. I am loving these photos! Great job!

    Cheers, Kelsey.

  3. haha don't worry being 18 definitely doesn't mean you have to act like an adult yet. I turned 21 in March, and have come to realise that people really don't expect you to be mature until you reach around 25 if not older. You're only young once, live it up and make as many mistakes as you can while people will forgive you for it ;). xx

    1. Haha, great advice! I feel so much older than I actually am, it's so strange! xx

  4. Great pics and I love your H&M bag! :)

    Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!

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    My YouTube Channel

  5. You have such a beautiful blog! I love your bag too, gorgeous!


  6. nice pics :)
    i love your posting!


    Coline ♡

  7. That cat is so cute ♥ I like the perfume picture as well !


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